Smart Track

    The brand new mattress of Yataş, Smart Track provides a unique comfort by preventing unwanted movements with the first memory spring sytem of the world called Memory Coil.

  • Personally Customized Mattress Finding Wizard

    Answer the questions and completely with the help of Smart Match System, prepared by Yataş Sleep Laboratories with great research and algorithms in order to prevent mattress selection made by unconscious and with trial and error method. Meet the Yataş Sleeping Experience.


    Tesla Sleep

    Produced by magnetic strings, Tesla Sleep Mattress with Tesla technology increase the efficiency of sleep at rate of 98% and extend REM sleep at rate of 11% according to international  test results.
    Meet with the awarded Tesla Technology which has magnetic field for increasing your sleeping quality.

  • The Best Sleep in Your Life Fully Hand Made!

    The award-winning Posturflo HD and Hi-Low technologies and Yataş mastery are combined in a single mattress with 10,000 springs comfort. Get ready to experience uique sleeping experience.

  • Seven - Z Mattress

    With its natural latex layer and 7 Zone Pocket Spring formation, Seven - Z Latex mattress offers independent support to each region of the body, absorbs the body pressure and reduces involuntary body displacement and ensures that you sleep more comfortably.

  • Baby Health

    Leading in sleeping health, Yataş offers the first and only LGA ergonomics certified baby mattress in Turkey. Mothers know the best for babies, Yataş knows what they need for healthy sleep.

  • Meet With Uninterrupted Sleep...

    Wool is the ideal choice because of its natural structure, being renewable and environment friendly, durability and soft performence.
    Yataş mattress, produced with 100% natural and ure wools of Woolmark, one of the biggest wool producers in the world, located only in Yataş, in Turkey, offer comfortable, luxurious and calm night sleep.


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