Smart Track Hybrid Series Mattress

Smart Track Hybrid Series Mattress

Smart Track Hybrid Series Mattress

Smart Track

Hybrid Series Mattress
The enhanced spring system, Memory Coil and Smart Track mattress, first used by Yataş in Turkey, offer a sleeping experience that you have never had before.

Yataş has combined the supreme comfort of the design-award winning Smart Track mattress and visco technology with the advanced spring technology, Memory Coil.

Developed by the cooperation of Leggett & Platt, the worlds most advanced spring technologies expert, and Yataş, the Smart Track mattress presents the visco foams unique feature of wrapping the body along with the first smart spring technology, the Memory Coil. Memory Coil spring system fully adapts to convex points of the body such as head, neck, waist and hips and also responds to bodys movements on the mattress spontaneously, providing same level of comfort to different types of bodies.

The Fine Wire Technology within the Memory Coil springs, converts the advantage of body wrapping provided by the fine wired springs with small diameters into perfect comfort and also creates more air circulation than the regular visco foams do. UltraWaist waist support system, the distinctive technology from Yataş engineering in Smart Track mattress, provides extra support to waist and hips, providing appropriate waist support to the individual regardless of his/her body mass index or body profile.

Many people do not turn around their mattresses regularly due to waist aches or may injure their spine as they turn their mattresses around. You can use the SmartTrack mattress in the very same position the day it has been placed, for years to come, at the same level of comfort without the need to change the sides thanks to its no-turn feature.

Smart Track mattress is equipped with Feran Ice®, a technology, that provides a micro-climate for a better sleep at night and offers a cool sleep environment by accelerating the process of removing the excess humidity, generated by sweating, from the mattress surface.

Developed by Memory Coil, the design award-winning, advanced visco-spring technology, get ready for a revolutionary sleep experience with the Smart Track mattress.