Lucy  Hotel Series Pillow

Lucy Hotel Series Pillow

Lucy  Hotel Series Pillow


Hotel Series Pillow
Stylish design with a striped fabric
Soft, light, and long-lasting filling
Machine-washablePresenting an elegant and luxurious visuality with its satin-looking and stripe-detailed fabric, Lucy Pillow offers a comfortable sleep experience by supporting the head and neck area with its special siliconized fiber filling. It creates an oversoft feeling with its silky texture while offering a long-term use advantage thanks to its extra durable quality fabric.
Product Specifications: An elegant design with a striped fabric. Soft, light, and long-lasting filling. Machine-washable.

Fabric Weaving: Armure

Fabric Weaving: 203 TC

Fabric Type: Microfiber

Filling Content: Siliconized Fiber

Filling Weight: 650 gr

Hardness Level: Medium

Sleep Position: Sleeping on the Side and Back

Washing Instructions: Recommended to be washed at 30 degrees. Bleaching is not recommended. Tumble dry is not recommended. Ironing is not recommended. Do not dry clean.