Organica Mattress

Organica Mattress

Organica Mattress


Natural Mattress

-Age Specific Different Sleeping Surfaces
-Completely natural for your baby's health
-Hygienic with its washable cover

Mattress Features
Coconut fibre, cotton, air-permeable latex and certified Woolmark® natural wool provide the accurate spine support, which makes Organica mattress the ideal choice for high quality and perfect sleeping experience you would wish for your baby...

Age Specific Different Sleeping Surfaces
One side of the mattress is designed for 0-2 years old, and the other side for 3-6 years old.

0-2 Age Sleeping Surface: In order for the newborn baby to complete its spinal development in a healthy way harder and densified material is used on the 0-2 age surface since the body must be located on a sleeping surface that fully supports the spine and prevents the body from sinking into the bed.
3-6 Age Sleeping Surface: For the baby who starts walking and moving around, a sleeping surface which is not too hard is recommended. The 3-6 age surface has a softness that will not apply pressure to the baby with increased weight.

Quality of Yataş Baby Mattresses
Yataş's long-standing sleep expertise...
It was developed for sleeping health of the babies.
Fabrics with air permeability that are suitable for babies' sensitive skin structures are preferred.Supports the development of the spine.
10 cm Mattress Height
Filling Warranty Period: 4 Years
Mattress Height: 10 cm ±1 cm