S-Line Adaptive Boxspring Set Boxspring Set

S-Line Adaptive Boxspring Set Boxspring Set

S-Line Adaptive Boxspring Set

Boxspring Set
S-Line Adaptive Boxspring Set is a product that offers a high level of comfort experience with advanced pocket spring systems and is also functional with its storage space. The high comfort of S-Line Adaptive Boxspring Set can optionally be complemented with a topper with HR or Visco content.

S-Line Adaptive mattress offers a whole new sleeping experience with S-Line spring system which is one of the latest systems on sleep health and technology. With this system that perfectly fits the spine, it has a placement following the body’s spine curve. Therefore the mattress keeps the pressure that comes into contact head, neck and back at a min. level and reduces the number of toss and turns, thus enhancing sleep quality.

The most important feature of Visco foams is that they increase the pressure damping areas by wrapping the body. In this way, Visco topper naturally reduces undesired turning movements during sleep. It supports the natural curve of the spine by covering and preserving the body during sleep. Visco memory foams produced by Yataş with 43 years of experience in its own facilities with the latest technology raw materials are differentiated from the known foams available in the market especially with its open cell technology.

Consisting of double layered packed steel springs, the S-Line spring system has a layout that follows the spinal curvature of the body. These springs are stacked above each other in an attempt to provide the correct support to all types of body. S-Line springs have a unique layout approach among the competition which enables the springs to provide support both vertically and horizontally. With this technique, the springs in the upper section of the S-Line system offer high comfort while minimising pressure, reducing involuntary tosses and turns and providing supreme comfort regardless of the level of support. The most important comfort complementaries of S-Line Adaptive Boxspring are the “toppers”. Any of the 2 different topper alternatives consisting of HR foam and Visco foam may be selected.

HR foams are high-comfort foams that may provide the accurate support to the spine. The most important feature is that it can maintain its fast-responding and fast-recovering form for years with no problems. Thanks to its high breathing ability, offers a refreshing sleeping environment.