Serenity Sense Boxspring Set  Boxspring Set

Serenity Sense Boxspring Set Boxspring Set

Serenity Sense Boxspring Set

Boxspring Set
Serenity Sense Boxspring Set is a special product that gives every body type the same comfort with customised spring systems beyond ordinary and common boxspring approach and that will differentiate us in the market. Serenity Sense Boxspring includes the toppers that enhance the bed comfort in other words, they are inside the bed. Therefore, no additional payment will be made for toppers.

With its high elasticity and bending features, Micro Coil springs instantly detect all curves that come into contact with the mattress, adapt to the body and fill the gaps perfectly, allowing the bed to wrap around the body.

The mattress is suitable for the growth and reproduction of mites since it can be a warm and humid environment. Mite formation triggers allergen reactions. Serenity Sense mattress’ HyCare technology fabric prevents fungus formation and keeps bacteria away from the mattress and provides a hygienic sleeping environment.

Hourglass Spring Technology is the next generation layered spring system developed a result of the cooperation of Leggett & Platt and Yataş. Hourglass springs feature higher durability with enhanced titanium alloy. Thus the springs have more formfitting qualities. These springs are hourglass-shaped. The form consists of 3 different layers of springs melted in one spring, where upper and lower zone provide comfort zone while the central zone provides support. A soft embrace of the consumer at the initial laying on the mattress and then a distribution of the changing support due to increasing weight at the central zone is being aimed. Therefore the mattress can support all types of body shapes equally and is the ideal bed for everyone.