Dacron<sup>®</sup> Climarelle<sup>®</sup> Cool Pillow

Dacron® Climarelle® Cool Pillow

Dacron® Climarelle® Cool

Provides refreshing effect and a balanced sleep via thermal transfer. Thanks to special filling material, maximum comfort with minimum weight is being aimed.
Preventing interruption of sleep due to high temperatures in summer with its cooling effect, the Climarelle® Cool pillow provides maximum comfort thanks to its special filling material. Provides balanced sleep thanks to cooling effect and heat transfer. Product Features Manufactured from 100% Cotton fabric. Fibre quality is 200 TC. 750 gr exclusive Dacron® Climarelle® Cool beaded fibre filling. Has special interlinings back cloth which is produced by microcapsule technology and has the effect of an air conditioner. Colour of interlinings is blue. Product size : 50x70 cm Washing Recommendations %100 Cotton Fabric %100 Wool Fabric Washable at 60 degrees. Do not bleach. Do not machine dry. Do not iron. Dry-cleanable.