Duchess Pocket Spring Series Mattress


Pocket Spring Series Mattress
Discover the Duchess Comfort, which makes a difference with its 7-Zone Pocket Spring system and award-winning technologies.

7-Zone System
The mattress forms support points by separating the sleeping surface in 7 Zone, and increases your sleeping comfort with its contemporary quilted design.

Pocket Spring
Separately packed and independently functioning springs adapt perfectly to the body of your baby and provides independent support for different weight zones.

Obtained by eucalyptus fibers, Tencel ® balances the body heat with high moisture management. Tencel ® make you feel the fabric more smoothly by its soft touching.

Plush Fabric
Pad tiered mattress

Single-Sided Use
Use of Single Mattress Surface

33 cm Mattress Height
Approx 33 cm Mattress Height

Twintech Technology

Interzum Material& Desing Award
Interzum Material& Desing Award 2013

Purotex Technology
Anti-bacterial fabric technology

Pillow Top
Duchess Comfort facilitates maximum pressure distribution with a comfort-improving sleeping pad and offers extra relaxation.

Discover the Duchess Comfort with its 7-Zone pocket spring system and award-winning technologies.

Duchess Comfort / Selective Series / Innovative, Hybrid Technologies

Duchess Comfort mattress, ensuring the perfect spine support with its 7-Zone Pocket Spring System and preventing discomfort during involuntary body movement whilst sleeping, provides all night long sleep quality without interruptions.

The mattress ensures maximum pressure distribution with its comfort enhancing sleeping pads and their contemporary design and provides a feeling of extra comfort.

Duchess Comfort mattress solves all problems regarding humidity management with its award-winning Tencel® and Purotex® technologies.

Award winning Tencel® that is obtained from eucalyptus tree fibers balances the body temperature by offering supreme humidity management.

If you want to wake up energetic and rested to a new day, meet and discover the unique sleeping experience.