Prestige Prime Premium Series Mattress

Prestige Prime

Premium Series Mattress
Monoblock Solid Core technology provides the best support f or the back and the lower back and preserves its form for years.

Patented Edge™ Support Spring Technology
Provides Full HD mattress comfort with its Edge™ Support Spring Technology that supports the mattress on all four sides. Only at Yataş; offering superior surface coverage.

32 cm matrac magasság
32 cm matrac magasság

Double-Sided Use
Useing the bedside two way

Natural Fabric


Knit Fabric
3D Breathable spacer knit fabric

Cool in summer, warm in winter

Sanitized Technology
The Sanitized® technology puts an end to unpleasant odors in the mattress, and keeps your mattress clean for years.

Alpaca Wool
The Alpaca wool knitted fabric of winter surface of Prestige Prime matress has an extremely soft touch and is durable. With microscopic size air gaps in its structure, Alpaca wool, by trapping air, keeps warm 7 times more than standart wool. The kint fabric of the summer surface, which contains silk fibres has a cooling efect.

Monoblock Solid Core Technology
The durable and fully orthopedic Legend Climatic and its Monoblock Solid Core Technology provides the best support for the back and the lower back and preserves its form for years.