Rina Rina


DHT Spring Series Mattress
The Rina Mattress supports the backbone and provides orthopedic and long-lasting sleeping comfort. Its luxury jacquard loom fabric increases your sleep quality.

Luxury Jacquard Loom Fabric
The Rina Mattress features exclusive luxury jacquard loom fabric, which adds elegance and opens the doors to uninterrupted sleep.

Double-Sided Use
Useing the bedside two way

~18 cm Mattress Height
Approx 18 cm mattress height

Knit Fabric
3D Breathable spacer knit fabric

Dht Springs
The mattress, featuring the DHT spring technology with Yataş-exclusive, double heat-treated steel springs, defies wear for years.

Thermobond Fiber
Thermobond Fibers add additional comfort to the Rina mattress with heat preservation, breathability, and odor and moisture proofing features.