Visco Optimum Support Visco Series Mattress

Visco Optimum Support

Visco Series Mattress
Visco Optimum Support Mattress is being developed with exclusive open cell technology and high density visco elastic memory foam.

Interzum Material& Desing Award
Interzum Material& Desing Award 2013

VZS Technology
Variable Zoning System high comfort providing proper support for your body.

24 cm Mattress Height
Approx 24 cm Mattress Height

Adaptive technology
In the exact same environment, women may feel cold while men may feel hot. Adaptive™ has received an award for intelligent material & design technology, and mimics the actions of a smart air conditioner by distributing the humidity 67% more and evaporati.

Snel herstel
Onmiddellijke reactie op lichaamsbewegingen en hoog comfort.

Fresche Technology
Prevents the formation of unpleasant odors.

HR Foam
HR Foam

Visco Elastic Foam
While regulating the blood circulation, Five-Z mattress prevents tired mornings with 60 DNS Visco Elasitc layers, which were produced by space technology. Having 5 zonal pocket arc system at the center, it supports five different area of the body and accommodates itself to your body type.