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Cottonia Mattress

Cottonia Mattress

Cottonia Mattress


Natural Mattress

-Provides temperature balance in four seasons
-Completely natural for your baby's health
-Hygienic with its washable cover

Mattress Features
With its elastic, moisture-resistant, breathable structure consisting of coconut fibres and completely pure cotton with no harmful chemical contents used in its production, Cottonia provides a healthy and natural sleep environment for your baby's sensitive skin, so that you can feel at ease as well.

Quality of Yataş Baby Mattresses
Yataş's long-standing sleep expertise...
It was developed for sleeping health of the babies.
Fabrics with air permeability that are suitable for babies' sensitive skin structures are preferred.
Supports the development of the spine.

Filling Warranty Period: 4 Years
Mattress Height: 10 cm ±1 cm