Ergocoil Infinity Hybrid Series Mattress

Ergocoil Infinity

Hybrid Series Mattress
The twice as much support that the Ergocoil® Infinity Mattress provides the spine with and the supreme comfort of this mattress you will not have another morning when you wake up feeling still tired.

UltraWaist Lower Back Support System
UltraWaist Support System provides support and comfort for the waist and hips, which is the most vulnerable area of the backbone, and offers personalized waist support with its special soft-textured polymers for everyone, no matter what BMI or body type.

Knit Fabric
3D Breathable spacer knit fabric

Interzum Material& Desing Award
Interzum Material& Desing Award 2013

Fresche Technology
Prevents the formation of unpleasant odors.

Adaptive technology
In the exact same environment, women may feel cold while men may feel hot. Adaptive™ has received an award for intelligent material & design technology, and mimics the actions of a smart air conditioner by distributing the humidity 67% more and evaporati.

Active Support Technology®
Active Support Technology® of innersprings allows your muscles to relax in a more natural position. The coils adjust instantly to your sleep movements, comforting and supporting your body actively as you dream on.

Ergocoil arc system, which has arcs two times more than regular beds and gives full support to the spine, is providing muscle relaxation by supporting whole body all night long. Quite Ergocoil arc system, which can maintain its form even at 240.000 blows with its knotless and infinite arcs according to international endurance tests, is promising a dynamic morning start by helping body to rest and relax.