Five-Z Hybrid Series Mattress


Hybrid Series Mattress
Five-Z mattress offers personal comfort and extra advantages thanks to its Hybrid structure. Wool used on the summer side and cotton used on the winter side provide the same level of comfort, every season.

Pocket Spring
Separately packed and independently functioning springs adapt perfectly to the body of your baby and provides independent support for different weight zones.

Visco Elastic Foam
While regulating the blood circulation, Five-Z mattress prevents tired mornings with 60 DNS Visco Elasitc layers, which were produced by space technology. Having 5 zonal pocket arc system at the center, it supports five different area of the body and accommodates itself to your body type.

5 Zone
The 5 Zone Pocket Spring System features independent springs of varying firmnesses, which adapt to the body types of spouses sleeping on the same mattress and relieve their joint pains.


Double-Sided Use
Useing the bedside two way

28 cm Mattress Height
Approx 28 cm Mattress Height

%100 Cotton
Produced with cotton fiber.

The Five-Z Mattress features cooling, moisturizing cotton on the summer side and warm Woolmark® on the winter side, and balances body temperature.

Cool in summer, warm in winter

Purotex Technology
Anti-bacterial fabric technology