Tesla Sleep Tesla Sleep

Tesla Sleep

Pocket Spring Series Mattress
The Tesla technology on the special fabric of the Tesla Sleep mattress woven with magnetic fibers acting like a magnet, improves the quality of sleep.

No Turn
No Turn

Single-Sided Use
Use of Single Mattress Surface

Tesla Technology
Magnetic field capability and increase your sleep quality

VZS Technology
Variable Zoning System high comfort providing proper support for your body.

Knit Fabric
3D Breathable spacer knit fabric

Free Zone
Preventing spouses from affecting their return movements

Fresche Technology
Prevents the formation of unpleasant odors.

28 cm Mattress Height
Approx 28 cm Mattress Height

Pocket Spring
Separately packed and independently functioning springs adapt perfectly to the body of your baby and provides independent support for different weight zones.

Feran Ice Technology
The Feran Ice® technology helps maintaining the optimal micro climate for a better night’s sleep and keeps the extra heat, or moisture, away from the sleeping surface and provides a cool sleeping environment.