• In Pursuit of Emotions

    The concept of “wellbeing” that we encounter in almost every other aspect of life, finds its counterpart in decoration with lively fresh colours.

  • Garden of Dreams

    Combining the quite darkness of the night with captivating flower gardens of the nature, Yataş designs are inviting you to a romantic decoration experience.

  • Tranquility Calls

    Yataş is bringing unique quality textile designs into the reality with minimal forms and colours inspired by the refined sense of style.

  • Monochrome Daydreams

    The designs that focus on using single colour in decoration and create wonders with different shades of the same colour, are presenting brand new exotic style with rich classical details.

  • A Warmest Part of the Winter

    As the most important piece of the winter decoration, blankets are coming together with exclusive and high quality within Yataş designs.


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