Tesla Sleep Visco Pillow

Tesla Sleep Visco

Carbon fibers inside the fabric removes the static electricity accumulated in the body during the day. Helps start the day more relaxed and rested.
Tesla Sleep Visco Pillow combines Tesla technology knitted with magnetic threads which regulate sleep rhythm with visco elastic memory foams. Thanks to its special curved design, it maximizes sleep efficiency by perfectly supporting the neck area. The head and neck weight-sensitive design helps prevent muscle stress. Providing a clean and natural sleeping environment with its washable outer cover, Tesla Sleep Visco Pillow is indispensable for an ideal sleep experience. Ürün Özellikleri It increases the sleep quality thanks to the magnetic properties of the magnet. Thanks to the visco elastic memory foam used in filling and special curved design; the pillow supports the neck in the best way and helps to prevent head and neck pain. 1300 gr 90% polyurethane and 10% PES filler. The pillowcase is 98% PES elastic knit fabric. Product Size 45x65 cm Washing Recommendations Only the case can be washed at 30 degrees Do not bleach Do not machine dry. Do not iron. Do not dry clean.