Elite Goose Down Pillow

Elite Goose Down

For those who can not give up Goose Feather softness…

Elite Goose Down Pillow

With the help of its special designed form in which high rated goose down and back feathers used in different layers,Elite Goose Feather pillow enables warm and soft sleep comfort in addition to its durability to deformation. Goose down is natural and healthy and hygienic. Enables the body to breathe thanks to its hygroscopic nature. Thus, the product does not contain bacteria, does not stink.

Product Features
Manufactured from 100% cotton fabric.
1150gr Contains Upper and Bottom Part: 80% Goose down, 20% back feathers, Middle Part: 30% Goose down, 70% back feathers.
Product Size: 50x70 cm.

Washing Recommendations
It is recommended to periodically air and shake it.
Dry cleaning is recommended.
Washable at 30 degrees.
Do not bleach.
Suitable for dried at low temperatures.
Do not iron.
WARNING: Do not wash it unless you have a dryer.