Agu Baby Mattress


Baby Mattress
Your baby can use the Agu mattress, which provides cotton-soft sleep with Visco elastic foam and Pocket spring system, safely from birth on.

Membran Technology
Membran Technology

Different Firmness Levels
Baby mattresses feature 28 DNS Profile cut firm foam for babies aged 0-2 years, and 24 DNS Profile cut Super soft foam for babies aged 3-6 years.

~19 cm Mattress Height
Approx 19 cm mattress height

Knit Fabric
3D Breathable spacer knit fabric

Pocket Spring
Separately packed and independently functioning springs adapt perfectly to the body of your baby and provides independent support for different weight zones.

Visco Elastic Foam
While regulating the blood circulation, Five-Z mattress prevents tired mornings with 60 DNS Visco Elasitc layers, which were produced by space technology. Having 5 zonal pocket arc system at the center, it supports five different area of the body and accommodates itself to your body type.