Smart Track

    The brand new mattress of Yataş, Smart Track provides a unique comfort by preventing unwanted movements with the first memory spring sytem of the world called Memory Coil.

  • Stylish  and Comfortable Sleep

    Grande Storagebed, which will create a stylish bedroom with its exclusive design, will be your favorite with its aesthetics details as well as wide interior storage space.

  • Welcome to Sultanate of Oman!

    Meet with Yataş Sleep World for a high quality and healthy life.
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  • Sleep Revolution of Yataş

  • Cool Natura

    Alluring Cool Natura storage bed with its natural and stylish design, provides you alternatives with its removable upholstery.

  • Stylish  and Practical

    Creating alternative storage spaces in your bedroom with their wide internal capacity, Yataş Storagebeds will become the irreplaceable part of your bedroom with aesthetics, quality and functionality they have.


    Tesla Sleep

    Produced by magnetic strings, Tesla Sleep Mattress with Tesla technology increase the efficiency of sleep at rate of 98% and extend REM sleep at rate of 11% according to international  test results.
    Meet with the awarded Tesla Technology which has magnetic field for increasing your sleeping quality.

  • Natural State Of Sleep

    The exclusive natural sleeping collection of Yataş promises healthy, comfortable and uninterrupted sleep experience with its thermotatic and mite growth preventing materials such as 100% natural cotton, wool, camelhair, bomboo and goose feather.

  • Timeless Colors

    Inspired by the colors that appeal to the senses and creates vivid living spaces, Yataş dominates the bedrooms by combining digital printing technique with bold color combinations.

Turkey’s best-known mattress brand Yataş is...
taking firm steps towards becoming a global company with its developing technologies and product quality since the day it was founded. Today, Yataş Group is exporting to more than 50 countries.
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