Yataş Bedding is the sales point of "Sleeping Health" and "Bedroom Decoration World" of Yataş in which beds, box springs, pillows, quilts, colorful home textiles, a certain number of beds, seating and bedroom decoration combination with complementary products are sold.

Yataş Bedding, which has the widest target mass in Turkey with its product range and pricing strategy, has wide price and variety range. Yataş, which is the leader of firsts in Turkey as a generic brand, is the first brand which comes to the minds of consumers in all researches on beds and sub products of beds.

78% of consumers are in search of comfort and quality when buying bed. To this end, Yataş, which is the only bed Superbrands in Turkey, continues bringing firsts and new technologies in its sector with its international cooperation. It took countless awards with its innovative product portfolio on cooperation made with the biggest technology producers of the world and it has the most varieties in Turkey.

It is the only one brand using materials of world-famous brands like Woolmark and Dacron as well as it continues to use large variety of technologies from Visco products to Latex and pocket springs and Bonell springs.

Yataş products are the only products in Turkey, which has the Ergonomics certificate of DIN EN 1957-8/00 LGA which is given only to high safety and quality standards in Germany.

Yataş textile group is divided into two groups as white and colorful home textiles. White home textile is consistent of pillows, quilts and pillow-mattress protectors and the colorful home textile is consistent of bed linens, bedspreads as decorative pillows.

Yataş, which takes care of its quality with its innovative design understanding in pillow and quilt products, presents multiple choices and beneficial products with Davron products which show themselves with standard designs, resistance and technologies and its medical series products for body's healing progress. Yataş textile products, which appeal to all tastes and expectations in colorful home textile, do not compromise from its 59-72 wire woven quality an visually, is separated from its competitors with its resistance and long life, appeal to a wide audience with appropriate product range.