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  • Monoblock Solid Core Technology provides the best support for the back and waist and preserves its form for years.

  • Explore our rich base models, offering alternative storage space with stylish headboard and large interior volume that appeals to all styles!

  • Yataş sleep products which reduce the stress!

  • Combined and developed from the integration of Spring, Visco, Foam and Latex technologies, the Yataş HYBRID SERIES mattresses provide full support to your spine and waist and makes it a lot easier to wake up vigorously...

  • Yataş's Sleep Expertise meets the Cute Little Ones with Yataş Mini!

Turkey’s best-known mattress brand Yataş is...
taking firm steps towards becoming a global company with its developing technologies and product quality since the day it was founded. Today, Yataş Group is exporting to more than 50 countries.
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